When it comes to Moving Quotes – Get it in Writing!

Before hiring a moving company, it is wise to get at least three to four quotes. A moving quote is an estimate that provided by a company that will tell you what your job will cost. Acquiring a moving quote will give you key pieces of information about the credibility of a company, not just help plan the moving budget. Before shopping for estimates, however, be aware of the following four important factors about the nature of the quote and how they relate to the moving companies that provide them.

Is it Binding and Non-Binding?

Binding quotes are those that are legal contracts and cannot be changed unless extra services are added. Binding quotes almost always involve a representative coming to your home for a visual inspection of the home contents. This type of estimate that is set in writing is legally binding. As such, you are guaranteed to pay the rate you are quoted unless other services are negotiated.

Non-binding moving quotes are not considered legal contracts and do not have to be honored by the service provider. Typically, the moving service operator does not pay a visit to the home for a visual inspection, and sometimes the quote is low and designed to bait a prospective customer with a low price. In many cases with non-binding moving quotes, customers of these companies end up paying far more than the quoted price.

Be as careful with low moving quotes as much as the high quotes. If you don’t want any surprises, get your quote in writing and make it a binding quote.

The Bait and Switch

If a quote is far lower than the average quote, and it is provided strictly over the phone, it may be a “low ball” quote designed to get a commitment from the buyer. Or, perhaps it is a great deal. In the case of an abnormally low moving quote, get it in writing. Federal agencies fine hundreds of moving companies every year for bad business practices. Many victims have reported companies that will offer you very low moving estimate and then raise price up by more than double before your goods are delivered. In some, more egregious cases, the moving company puts the furniture in the truck and then hits the customer with double or triple the cost of the original estimate.

Check the Service Inclusions

When a binding quote is acquired, it is important to review the specific services that are included in the move. Estimates that might seem high could include additional services that are valuable but not specifically listed in the moving quote. Try to ask as many questions as possible about your moving quotes and request maximum details from your prospective movers. In some cases, moving company operators fail to disclose all of the additional services they will provide. Also, you may not want all the packing services that the moving company assumes you will need. For example, perhaps you want to pack a good portion of your personal belongings. By doing this work, you can shave down your cost and moving quote.
Communication and Common Sense

When seeking a quote from a professional moving company, do not underestimate your moving needs. If your garage is filled with three tons of miscellaneous books, then it will be an important factor in the cost of moving. Use good communication and common sense when contracting with a Los Angeles moving provider. Moving is not something we do every day, it is expensive, and very stressful. By paying attention to detail when hiring a moving company, everybody wins, and your move can will be far less stressful than it already is.