Located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, Bradbury has a world class view to boot. Duarte and Monrovia play the role of neighbors and although the founder of the city, Lewis Leonard Bradbury, was born in Duarte, the city was actually annexed from Monrovia in 1957.

Bradbury is famous for the multimillion dollar mansions and esteemed personalities that are residing there. Some of them include Lynsi Torres, who is heiress to the In-N-Out Burger joint as well as Adrein Beltre, who is currently drafted with the Texas Rangers in Major League Baseball. If you wish to be neighbors to such big names and willing to move to Bradbury, consider hiring our moving services in Bradbury.

A major sector of Bradbury is real estate as property values are high and the location is very convenient. There are many attractions inside and close to Bradbury which contain recreational activities for individuals as well as families.

The city has three major districts:

  • The Bradbury Estates
  • Woodlyn Lane
  • Public city

Most of Bradbury’s estates including Woodlyn Lane are reserved for horse rearing. There are many world class ranches here which contain a variety of different pure and cross breed horses ready for racing and other sports .

Bradbury has a highly impressive education system, thanks to the Royal Oaks Elementary School, Foothills Oaks Academy and many other schooling institutes in the neighboring regions. This enables parents to be more relaxed about the quality of education that their children are receiving.

Many different types of cuisines can be enjoyed in Bradbury and Duarte to tantalize your tastebuds and satisfy the inner foodie inside you.

If you drive twenty minutes, you will end up at the Rose Bowl Stadium which is host to some of the major sports tournaments in the country such as the International Champions Cup of football. Top artists from the globe travel to perform here for the devoted sports audiences that are residing there.

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