LA Pro movers is committed to make your move as smooth as possible; however, there are certain things that you will need to take care of. Moving companies do take care of many of your worries, but since you know your home well, you are the best planner for a trouble-free mover. Here are a few tips for moving that will help you have most trouble-free move to your destination and rearrange your stuff at new location easily.

Make a list of everything you are going to pack

Before starting to pack, make a list of everything you are going to pack. You may start this by printing a number list from your computer with space after each number to write the content. Each number represents a box you brought for packing. Now place a number on each box, and write down contents of each box on the number list against the particular box number.

Choose a central place where you put all your packing material, i.e. labels, box tape, marking pens, etc. Put the list at this place also so that it is handy and is not lost out in any box.

Arrange for the boxes or other supplies more than anticipated

Arrange to bring boxes, bags, and other packing stuff in sufficient quantity, even more than anticipated. If you are buying the boxes from moving company, you may get refund if they are unused, so don’t worry. The stuff to be moved always tends to be more than seen before moving. Reserve at least 5 boxes for last minute use items like clothing, bedding, towels, shoes and cleaning items.

Use unprinted newspaper or bubble wrap instead of printed newspaper

Don’t use printed newspaper for packing purpose as they may stain your stuff. Newspaper print easily loses its color. An unprinted newspaper can be bought a slightly higher price but it is safer to use for cushioning and packing household goods.

Plan your packing strategy

Before packing, carefully plan your packing sequence and strategy. You may also use wardrobe boxes for packing many closet items. You may pack shoes, belts, and jeans in shopping bags and fill the bottom of wardrobe boxes with them. Then pack hanging items tightly so that they don’t move and fall off the hangers.

Pack the heavier items in bottom. Make sure that you are not keeping any heavy item over a light or fragile item. If you have hired a moving company, the professional packer may better plan your packing.

Check licenses and insurance coverage of moving company

Don’t forget to check if moving company you are hiring has DOT license. All reputable moving companies have such license. If a company doesn’t have DOT license, it is not reputable. You may verify this information with Department of Transportation. You may also contact Better Business Bureau (BBB) to verify if the moving company has its membership with them.

Also make sure that the moving company is providing you insurance coverage on items lost or damaged in move. This will protect you against any eventual loss

Always take special care of precious items, jewelry, and antiques

Take care of precious items like jewelry and antiques personally. Keep small items in bag with you. If it is not handy, mark the box or container with special instructions and personally show the same to moving agent. Any insurance coverage can return you physical value of such goods but cannot return personal value of such items to you.

Give maximum information to moving company

Give all sort of information regarding stairs, lifts, and entrance points and doorways sizes to the moving company for both move out and move in places. This will help moving company arrange best possible move without any hassle or last minute trouble. Especially moving furniture is a delicate issue that needs to be tackled by an expert mover from a professional moving company.