Located to the south of the San Gabriel Mountains, Duarte is a city in LA County with a population of approximately 22,000 people. It shares its borders with Irwindale, Azusa, Bradbury and Monrovia.

It is also the birthplace of Leonis Leonard Bradbury, the founder of one of Duarte’s neighbors, Bradbury.
Academically, Duarte is served by the Duarte Unified School district which also caters to other close cities such as Bradbury and a number of unincorporated communities.

Duarte’s five main elementary schools are:

  • Maxwell Elementary
  • Andres Duarte School
  • Beardslee Elementary School
  • Royal Oaks Elementary
  • Valley View School

Additionally, there is a middle school, high school and college which has now been named ‘Mt. Olive Institute of Technology’. There are also private non-sectarian schools which are ideal for those who do not share religious views with the local residents.

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If you drive fifteen minutes, you will end up at the Rose Bowl Stadium which hosts many international sporting events. Artists from around the world also perform here and tour the city. The stadium has hosted almost all sporting events of every university in California including Berkeley, Stanford and other sought-after Ivy league universities.

In terms of dining experiences and food, Duarte is well stocked will all kinds of delectable cuisines to indulge in. From Mexican, Italian and Spanish food to Thai, Chinese, and Korean cuisine, nearly every kind of food is served including the traditional American-style barbecue and meat-rich dishes.

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