Lawndale is a city situated in LA County, California. Located in the South Bay area, it has a population of around 40,000.

In terms of education and job opportunities, Lawndale is home to many public and private schools including Leuzinger High School, which is one of city’s most famous educational instutitions.

Amenities and Services in Lawndale
To promote a healthy, active and productive lifestyle, Lawndale City has converted wasted land into parks. It also offers recreation division programs for its people regardless of age. To build strong families and healthy communities, many of these programs exclusively cater to Lawndale residents.

Citizens are encouraged to participate in sports throughout the year. Some of the most major programs include Winter & Summer Youth Basketball, the Badminton Program, Adult & Family Drop-in Basketball and Youth Sports Clinics for Adolescents.

Adolescent Programs and Classes
The Community Service Department caters to teens and adults with activities like karate, gymnastics, fitness classes, pee wee sports, dance and music.

Summer Day Camp
A nine-week summer program is organized for children between the ages of 6 and 12 at Bollinger Gym. This program also provides teens with an opportunity to assist with camp activities while serving community service hours. For teens 15 to 17 years old, the Summer Day Camp is also an opportunity to gain work and community service experience.

Senior services
The city caters well to senior citizens as well. They can take part in many monthly events designed for them including dinners, art classes and senior scrapbooking. A combination of different physical activities are also planned for seniors like yoga, beach walks, aerobics, zumba, Tai Chi etc.

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Things to do in Lawndale City
Lotus Aquarium – This is one of the best Tropical Fish stores in South Bay. The store houses a collection of tropical fishes, reptiles’ vertebrates, aquatic plants and a selective collection of freshwater and marine fish.
Alondra Park – Alondra Park is a major attraction for locals and tourists, being a beautiful site with a lake and island where soothing plant garden attracts all kinds of beautiful native creatures and species.

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