Also called the ‘City of Commerce’ to decrease confusion between the common noun, Commerce is a small city with a limited number of inhabitants. It’s located in southeast LA County and shares borders with Los Angeles, Montebello and Vernon.

With a population of only 13,000, Commerce contains a majority of native American whites who make up almost 60% of the population alongside a combination of different races such as Latinos, Asians, African Americans and Pacific Islanders.

The biggest attraction in Commerce is the Commerce Casino which makes up for almost 38% of the entire city’s budget for the fiscal year. Alongside the casino is a 200-room hotel known as the Crowne Plaza Hotel which boasts:

  • Day spa
  • Beauty salon
  • Pool room
  • Shops
  • Professional Sports events in the city include MMA and live boxing, which are a major attraction for foreigners and locals alike. The restaurants present in Commerce provide residents with the highest quality food and hygiene standards, making it an ideal location to settle down.

    A prominent facility in Commerce city is the Tactical Combat Shooting training facility which provides you with skills to protect yourself in dangerous and hostile environments. This is a great way to increase your basic survival instincts as well as your physical fitness level, which can prove to be very beneficial later on in life.

    Residents of Commerce city are well catered to in terms of education by the Montebello Unified School District and the Los Angeles Unified School district. Because of the presence of such reputable schools and colleges, it is a prime location for nurturing and grooming your children, who are armed with the ideal skill set to be successful in today’s competitive job market.

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