The seaport village of Avalon is located on the eastern part of Catalina Island. It surrounds the beautiful Avalon Bay and has been a very popular tourist attraction since the 1900s. Eighty five percent of the land has been conserved and is untouched since the very beginning to maintain its uniqueness and charm.

The tourism industry is a big part of Avalon and because of that, there are many attractive locations one can visit to enjoy what nature has to offer. Its clear environment is also one of the main reasons why a number of people move to Avalon every year.

Stuff to do in Avalon
Avalon has many recreational activities that you can partake in. With an oceanfront at your disposal, the possibilities of having fun are endless. Here are a few things you can do to in this town:

1. Zip Line Echo Tour
The Zip Line Echo Tour is a vertical drop of about 1,100 feet with 600 feet of it being above sea level. It is the perfect adrenaline rush any adventurous being would love to experience. Your speed throughout the drop remains at approximately 30 mph and the tour owns certifications to meet safety standards.

2. Ocean Runner Dolphin Tour
Thanks to this activity, you can travel on the Catalina Channel on a US Navy SEALs ribcraft, which has a staggering 500 horsepower and runs like wildfire. You can take a proper fun filled, super speedy guided tour on the ocean which lets you see different water species.

3. Camping Services
In essence, Avalon is any outdoor person’s paradise. There are very few places which can match the scenic beauty of Avalon and the Santa Catalina island. That is why there are many opportunities to set camp and spend quality time with nature and wildlife. Even if you do not have the proper camping equipment, you can be provided with it on the spot. This, plus many other fun activities, make Avalon an interesting and exciting prospect to visit and spend time in.

Food for All
The cuisine in Avalon is very diversified and offers many dining options to all ethnicities. From planned and catered picnics to fine dining restaurants, you can choose from an extensive list of eateries that will compliment your stay in Avalon.

If you are looking for a nice view then the Avalon Grille offers you a memorable dining experience and free ticket at the Avalon theatre for the latest premiere film. The Harbor Reef restaurant offers a delectable menu which is sure to entice your senses.

We aim to provide our clients with the best options when moving to Avalon. According to many surveys and research, Avalon has started to become a high priority location for our customers to move to because of the countless excursions it offers.

Be it long distance moving or a local move in Avalon, we provide you with the fastest and highest quality moving services available this side of town.