Another suburban development in LA County, Bellflower has a population of 80,000 inhabitants and is located right next to the Artesia Freeway (Route 91).

Bellflower is the home of Adam Liberatore, who is currently playing professional baseball with the Dodgers. It is also represented by democrat Tony Mendoza. Known for its sports facilities, it is a paradise for those who are interested in playing sports and promoting it. If you also are a sport enthusiast then you should consider moving to Bellflower. We provide moving services in Bellflower, including residential and commercial moving

There are many attractions that Bellflower holds, and the education system here is more than satisfactory; the Infotech Career College offers many opportunities for the young and ambitious and those who want to excel academically as well as professionally in their lives.

Here are a few other excursions and recreational activities you can enjoy in Bellflower:

1. Hollywood Sports Paintball & Airsoft

Hollywood Sports Paintball & Airsoft is one of the biggest action gaming arena in California. You can participate in a number of activities, each with their unique settings and layouts, and have a blast with your family and friends, while enjoying a good workout so to speak

It was voted the best paintball & airsoft park in the world and also the best ‘paintball birthday facility’. You can play using airsoft guns and engage in different missions with your friends. Or you can go for a free-for-all paintball and aim to shoot at anything that moves. This is a place to visit on a regular basis as it’s a great way to relieve stress.

2. Bellflower Aquatic Center

The bellflower aquatic center is a water retreat where you can enjoy fun filled indoor and outdoor water activities. There are fitness facilities as well as spa treatments incase anyone is looking to blow off some steam.

3. Rancho Los Cerritos

Built in 1844, Rancho Los Cerritos is a museum that is a representation of the life back then. Owned by the city of Long Beach, this museum’s history is filled with foreigners including Mexican and Spanish residents of that time. It is a historical wonder to witness and should be visited to increase your knowledge on US history.

All in all, Bellflowers is in a prime location barely half an hour away from downtown LA and has a family friendly environment ideally suited to everyone. The education system is excellent, as are the family activities.

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