Known for its gated neighborhoods and hillside views, Calabasas is a city located in the west of the San Fernando Valley and bordering Malibu. With a population of almost 30,000 residents, it is a city largely occupied by wealthy and well-known people.

A red-tailed hawk flying high above the Santa Monica Mountains is a representation of the dedication the city has towards preserving natural reserves and scenic beauty that is present in Calabasas. That is the logo of Calabasas and speaks volumes on its own.

Many festivals and events take place every year which are planned and organized by sponsors and the city council alike. The council hall is fully focused on maintaining the best environment for the citizens and travellers who visit Calabasas for the beauty it beholds. In addition to this many families are also moving to Calabasas due to the life it offers.

Some of the festivals include:

  • The Pumpkin Festival
  • Eggstravaganza
  • Fourth of July Spectacular
  • Fine Arts Festival

One of the finest points of Calabasas is its second hand smoking policy. Smoking is banned in all public places where people will or are likely to meet under any circumstances. Only in the designated smoking areas is it allowed otherwise there is a severe penalty for smoking outdoors. If you are allergic to smoking or have health concerns, Calabasas is the best city to live in. You can hire our moving services in Calabasas to make the move easy on you.

The high profile Kardashian family is based in Calabasas including other famous celebrities such as Britney Spears, Kanye West and Ozzy Osbourne. This makes it a buzzing locality filled with excitement and the latest social trends.

Because of its close proximity to popular places like Malibu and downtown Los Angeles, there are many recreational facilities and outlets that are present to spend time with family or friends. Iconic places include:

  • Malibu Creek State Park is a scenic location for all types of people and is known for its beauty and size as it extends over 8000 acres.
  • Leonis Adobe Museum is the birthplace and home of Miguel Leonis who was also known as the “King of Calabasas”. It is a historical site that has been preserved almost exactly as it was back in 1870.

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