The small City of Irwindale is located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, 20 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles,. It is also known as ‘Jardin de Roca’ which means Garden of Rocks. Irwindale also happens to be located in the middle of one of the world’s most productive regions.

Despite being a small city, Irwindale is a thriving business community with over 700 businesses. It is home to businesses from major satellite offices to many well-known companies in the country. The most post prominent names include MillerCoors, Charter Communications and Ready Pac Produce.

Irwindale has its own Police department and the citizens enjoy great policing and security throughout the year. Other amenities include a senior center, library, teen center and public gymnasium.
Academic Institutions

The San Gabriel Valley is referred to as the Intellectual Capital of California because it houses a number of research institutions. With over 30 colleges, universities and graduate schools, the Valley is distinctly known for housing highly ranked institutions compared like Azusa Pacific University and Premiere Degree College.

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Tourist Attractions

Residents of Irwindale just love their sports. To amuse locals and tourists alike, Irwindale hosts major events and grand picnic spots like:

  • Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
  • LA Racing
  • Renaissance Pleasure Faire
  • Princess Pro Impersonator
  • Fiesta Parade Floats
  • That Dam Mud Run

Historical monuments including the Duarte Historical Museum and Monrovia Historical Museum.

If you are looking for a city that offers it all, Irwindale should be your go to place. It is perfect for businesses as well, be it an established business or a new one. The state laws are friendly and the neighbourhood is flourishing. Your children will also enjoy top quality education here while you reap the benefits of this beautiful city.

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