Located in Los Angeles county, California, Arcadia ranks at 7th place on CNN’s highest median home rates and is known to be one of the best places to raise your children. In this regard, it actually secured an award, twice in a row.

According to the demographics and population count, the Taiwanese form a major part of the local community, including asian groups as well, making it the best city for Oriental food tod date. More and more Asians are moving to Arcadia making it feel more like home. If you also wish to move to this beautiful town get in touch with us today.

The current mayor Tom Becks has successfully kept the council working to its full potential and this is why it is the 23rd richest neighborhood in Southern California. Boasting a fully secure environment, families do not hesitate to relocate to this highly positive and friendly neighborhood, particularly for the upbringing and academic progress of their children.

1. Major attractions

California Philharmonic

This particular orchestra is coveted by the most talented and popular musicians. The California Philharmonic is the pioneer of social and cultural history ever since Maestro Victor Vener gave birth to an incredible dream of such raw and timeless music in 1996. A must visit for all music lovers to enjoy such beautiful displays of music.

Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden

The Arboretum is one of the most popular and exotic places in all of California. It is an open wildlife retreat which is home to almost all animal species known to man. Here, you will find plants, trees, animals, insects and birds of all varieties including rare and endangered species. Even if you are not an environmentalist, these wide gardens are a very refreshing and the ultimate way to bond with the beauty and allure of nature.

2. Food
Arcadia has many different racial communities which makes it the most diverse city in the entire state of California. It has something to offer for all ethnicities and houses a rich variety locals from all corners of the world.

You should check out the best Chinese food at Din Tai Fung and foodies will certainly enjoy strolling at the newly relocated 626 Night market to indulge in unique delicacies such as squid steaks and fish balls with curry. In fact, Arcadia has come to be known as the ‘Chinese Beverly Hills’.

With its own Arcadia University, many people of all age groups and cultures opt to avail our moving packages be it long or short distance within Arcadia. If you’re looking to enjoy a high standard of living and want your children to grow up in a secure environment with great schooling, get in touch with us to get your estimate and start making the big move.