When you travel to the center of northern Los Angeles county, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of Palmdale. The city is separated from the city of L.A. by the San Gabriel Mountains.

A Little about Palmdale’s History
The first European settlement was established back in 1988 as a village by westward Lutheran travellers, mostly of German and Swiss descents. This settlement was named as Palmenthal, and the travellers were supposedly told that they would find an ocean near the palm trees.

However, the travellers mistook the joshua trees for palm trees. It was renamed Palmdale when most of the settlers moved closer to the Southern Pacific railroad tracks.

Since then, Palmdale has become a fruitful region and has enough water (that flows from Lake Palmdale) to serve growing communities.

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Attractions in Palmdale
Places like Drydown Water Park, Blackbird Airpark and Lamont Odett Vista Point attract visitors from all around California.

Palmdale is itself a glimpse of heaven and a perfect place to reside. However; as the city is in close proximity to the San Andreas faultline, it is prone to strong earthquakes. However, the infrastructure has managed to withstand every earthquake to date.

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Career Opportunities
The local economy of Palmdale thrives through its most important industry, aerospace. Most of the jobs offered are specific to the aerospace industry. It is one of the best places to work if your expertise happens to be in this field.

Palmdale has been a site for research and development of some of the most innovative aircrafts and space shuttles used by the U.S. Air Force and NASA. This is why it is renowned as the “Aerospace Capital of United States”.

There are also a number of medical workplaces so that Palmdale can meet the needs of the new Regional Medical Center. It can also be said that soon, you will see a battery building manufacturing plant in Palmdale, if it is approved by the U.S. Government.

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A Great Place to Study AeroSpace
Palmdale is also a good place to study. It offers great schools and colleges where you or your kids can study with ease. The city’s most renowned institutes are: The Palmdale School District, The Antelope Valley Union High School District and The Antelope Valley Community College District.

There are various other institutes that you can choose from but the most renowned and prestigious among them is the AERO Institute. It is operated and administered by NASA.

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