Huntington Park lies in Southeastern California and occupies an area of about 3.3 square miles. The city was named by famous industrialist Henry. E. Huntington and its population stands at just 58,114. Huntington Park possesses significant importance because of the presence of some of the largest building and shipping industries in the US.

Move to Huntington to Enjoy the Best Educational Opportunities
Some of the best educational institutes in LA County are present in Huntington Park. The city’s most renowned middle and high schools are:

  • Hope Street Elementary School
  • Miles Elementary School (Huntington Park)
  • Huntington Park New Elementary School 7
  • San Antonio Elementary School
  • Walnut Park Elementary School
  • Huntington Park New Elementary school
  • Huntington Park High School
  • Aspire Pacific Academy
  • Linda Esperanza Marquez High School
  • Bell High School
  • Maywood Academy High School
  • Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School
  • Diego Rivera Learning Complex

In a 10-mile radius, Huntington Park has more than 70 sought after academic institutions. The University of Southern California in Los Angeles offers the most program variety – over 300 Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees as well as certificate programs revolving around business, accounts, engineering, communication, architecture, dentistry, law and medicine.

Cerritos College in Norwalk offers 134 associate and certificate programs to Huntington Park residents. phone such as fine arts, liberal arts, health, business, engineering and social sciences are offered here.
The El Camino Community College offers 124 associate degrees and certificate programs in nursing, accounting, fine arts, paralegal studies, teacher education and business management.

Suffice it to say, there is plenty of academic variety to choose from in Huntington Park, which happens to be a great place to move to. Your kids deserve a great education to build their careers and aspirations.

Huntington Park is an excellent place to live if you want to switch your business, explore new work opportunities or wish to send your children to some of the best educational institutions in the state. Call us to seamlessly have your belongings moved to anywhere in or around the Huntington Park vicinity as we specialize in local as well as long-distance moving services.

Make the Move to Huntington
There are many historical places in the city, which are considered as the heart of city because they reflect cultural heritage of Huntington Park. James George Bell House, Warner Theater Huntington Park, Underground Tunnels of Los Angeles, the Bradbury Building and Estrada Courts are world famous historical places in the city that are a must-see.

Some of the city’s most famous hotels are Rodeway Inn, Lido Hotel and Huntington Travel inn.
If you are looking to move close to any of these famous places or plan to shift your office somewhere in Huntington Park, we are at your service. Call now to effortlessly move to your new place. We offer long distance and local moving services including residential as well as commercial moving.