Located in southern Los Angeles County, California, Artesia is home to a vast amount of foreigners as almost 50% of residents are a combination of European nationals, including Portuguese and Dutch with the former being in majority.

The initiation of Artesia came about because of the Artesian wells that attracted settlers to build their homes around it. Once population started to grow, and oil as well as other crucial raw materials were discovered, it quickly changed into an exciting prospect for all sorts of investors and entrepreneurs, making it an attractive relocating spot.

The Artesia Mainstreet Inc.

The Artesia Mainstreet Inc. exists to increase the standard of living of the inhabitants. The goal of the volunteers and participants is to convert Artesia into an economically active, attractive, clean and fresh city which preserves and showcases its rich history.

This also includes increasing the literacy rate and the overall quality in terms of architectural heritage, community restoration as well as public landmark restoration.

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Foodies Ahoy

Artesia offers a spectacular dining experience and restaurants such as the Adobe Rose Restaurant on 13th street. It provides diners with a genuine New Mexican cuisine experience and specializes in Southwestern themes and flavors as well.

For those who wish to have the local and original meat-dominant American food, Henry’s Barbecue is a fantastic spot for you to have a variety of delectable dishes in style and comfort.

EastWest Ice Palace

All those who are interested in ice skating and similar activities will appreciate the EastWest Ice Palace which has a wide assortment of fun things to do such as ice skating, ice hockey, figure skating and a fitness centre where you can hone your body and physicality.

This also happens to be a great place to learn synchronized and figure skating, and has a training school for those who wish to be adept at skating.

All in all, Artesia is a top location for you to relocate to because of the friendly atmosphere and vast network of public schools which provide quality education for your children .

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