San Fernando is an enclave of the city of L.A. It was founded by Charles McClay, dating back to 1874. This city has seen a significant shift during the last few years. Due to San Fernando’s abundant water supplies, the city has remained independent.

The San Fernando Valley was transformed into a suburban area post World War II; however, it has managed to keep itself as a separate and unique city. It is governed by a city council where members are elected to serve four years.

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The City’s Infrastructure
The San Fernando Police Department serves this city well. It has 35 sworn and 25 non-sworn police officers. However, when the need arises, the department can deploy an additional reserve of 20 police officers. The Los Angeles City Department serves San Fernando from Station 75, 91 and 98. The force is well trained and has maintained peace in the region.

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Educational Institutes
If you are planning to move to this beautiful city, you can rest assured that you or your children will get high quality education. There are a number of schools in the area including:

  1. San Fernando Elementary School
  2. O’Melveny Elementary School
  3. Morningside Elementary School
  4. San Fernando Middle School
  5. San Fernando Institute for Applied Media
  6. Vaughn International Studies Academy (VISA); Charter School
  7. San Fernando High School
  8. Cesar Chavez Learning Academies

There are some charter schools that are run by PUC Schools. Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy and PUC Inspire Charter Academy are some of them. The Concordia Schools, a private school, resides in the city as well. This school is also known as Concordia Junior Senior High School due to the middle and high school consolidation in 2011.

The San Fernando Library is one place you really want to visit which is operated by the County of Los Angeles Public Library. The city also has parks where you can have a safe evening, and restaurants offer you delicious meals.

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