Located in the eastern side of the San Gabriel Valley, Claremont was declared in a consensus as the 5th best place to live in the country. The map of the city is dominated by large households and retirement homes, with very little commercial activities.

“The Village” happens to be the only major commercial venue which houses art galleries, bookstores, shops, a cinema, offices etc. However, residents are still not open or welcome to the idea of commercialization as they say it robs away from that ‘small residential town feeling’.

Since it came into being in 1907, Claremont has been the winner for the Arbor Day “Tree City USA” award; in fact, it has been a winner for the last twenty two consecutive years. This is largely due to the tradition of planting trees in every possible space. There are also certain regulations that the government has imposed to maintain and care for every tree present in the city.

The annual “Village Venture” is an open event which has all sorts of activities such as a fun fair, art stalls and great food, among other recreational activities. In the night, you can see wildlife which inhabits the village and roams about freely as if they were on with the residents. But not to worry, the place is safe.

Every friday night, live music plays on the streets from 6 pm to 9 pm and anyone can join in the singing and dancing. As you can see, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Claremont if you’re looking to move. Our moving service can take care of all your short and long-distance moving in or around Claremont.

The education system in Claremont is of the highest order. There are five undergraduate universities within close proximity of Claremont:

  • Pomona College
  • Scripps College
  • Claremont McKenna College
  • Pitzer College
  • Harvey Mudd College

Additionally, there are two other colleges for graduates as well with talks being held to construct a third. There is also a Claremont Unified School district which has countless schools to cater to the younger generation of Claremont and ensure that everyone has the ability to progress and advance in their careers from an early age.

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Claremont may not be a commercialized town, but it offers business opportunities. If you would like to have a commercial move, you can give us a call and speak to one of our representatives who will answer all your queries.