San Gabriel is a city in Los Angeles County that’s named after the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. It is often called the “birthplace” of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It was inhabited by Native Americans and is known today as a center for art and culture. It covers a total area of 11 km2 as stated by the United States Census Bureau.

City Services
It is a small city but offers numerous city services to its citizens. It also set a record in receiving a $4.6 million park grant that will be used to fund San Gabriel’s most exotic park that is expected to be completed in the next two years. Some of the local services and amenities include:

  1. Adult Recreation and Senior Center
  2. Grapevine Park and Arbor
  3. Bovard-Wilson-Hayes House and Jail
  4. Parks Office
  5. San Gabriel Historical Association
  6. Smith Park and Pool
  7. San Gabriel Mission Playhouse
  8. Smith Park and Pool
  9. Vincent Lugo Park, Corner of Wells and Ramona Streets

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Places to Study
There are a plethora of schools where your kids can take admission. Each school is served by the San Gabriel Unified School District.

These schools are divided into three categories and include:
Elementary Schools

  1. Calvin Coolidge Elementary School
  2. Roosevelt Elementary School
  3. Washington Elementary School
  4. Wilson Elementary School
  5. McKinley Elementary School

Middle School
San Gabriel only has one middle school, Jefferson Middle School. It is recognized as a “California Distinguished School”.

High Schools
You will find four high schools in San Gabriel. These are:

  1. Gabrielino High School
  2. Del Mar High School
  3. San Gabriel High School
  4. San Gabriel Mission High School

Gabrielino High School is prestigious for being among the top 2.8% schools in the United States of America and is considered one of the best American Public High Schools.

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Fun Places to Visit
There are a number of recreational places that you can visit in San Gabriel and the San Gabriel Valley. One of the most iconic and historical places to visit is the San Gabriel Mansion which is a fully operational Roman Catholic Church. You can also enjoy delicious meals in the city.

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