Located in southeast LA County, Downey is a part of the Gateway cities and birthplace of the Apollo Space Program. With a population of over 110,000 inhabitants, Downey has become a renowned Latino community and aCso has the second highest percentage of Cubans and Cuban Americans in the US West coast.

Downey is home to GOOD (Gangs out of Downey) which is a contribution by the entire community to raise awareness amongst teenagers and children to steer clear of negative activities. GOOD is also responsible for many annual events and has initiated a number of programs in the city, such as the sports and scholarship programs. They also offer counselling for everyone related to any problem whatsoever, and has close ties with the Downey Police Department. The presence of GOOD makes Downey a very nice city to live in.

The two main schools present in Downey are the Downey High School and the Warren High School. There are other noteworthy institutes as well:

  • Stauffer Middle School
  • Doty Middle School
  • Griffiths Middle School
  • Alameda Elementary School
  • Sussman Middle School

The massive Downey city Library was founded by a woman’s club back in 1898 while the County of Los Angeles Public Library is also a historical spot in the city. These fine education and literary buildings confirm that your children are brought up in a highly educated and well-groomed society. The presence of such academic institutes lets children build a bright future from the ground up, in the best way possible.

If you haven’t already heard of The Carpenters, it’s time to know. They were a popular music duo (siblings) from the 1960s and iconic figures who have had many hit singles and led an illustrious movie career. Throughout their lives, their work was based out of Downey.

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