The First Moving Post

Appropriately, this blog will document our upcoming move from Orange, CA to Tucson AZ. In detail, we will highlight the plans, mistakes, and problems that we encounter along the way.

Here is the tail of the tape:

  • The house we are moving from is 2788 square feet with a 3 car garage.
  • We are leasing out our existing home in Orange CA and leasing a home in Tucson AZ until we buy another home in Tucson.
  • We are a family of 4.
  • We have not moved since 2004 when we went from a 1600 square too condo to a 2788 square foot house . This was a time when there were no children.
  • We may leave some furniture behind for the renters, but this is still uncertain.

This weekend, we will draft the moving “plan” and relevant time line for the move. In the end, we hope that by documenting our mistakes, readers of this blog can benefit. We will document all related costs as well to the penny.

Until Saturday then!