Moving Day: Six Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving is no fun. Planning, packing, looking for the right moving company – there are so many things to take care of that it is no wonder that most of us are nervous wrecks by moving day! I have moved several times, including overseas, over the past few years, and I can tell you – moving isn’t ever fun, but it can be smooth and relatively stress-free.

What you need is a plan for moving day. Regardless of how the planning and packing process has gone so far (I hope it has gone well!), there are some simple things you can right before or on moving day to make your move smoother.

1. Take Stock
Make a list of all separate items. Categorize them by type: boxes, furniture, even big bags or bedding in its original packing.

2. Organize your boxes
Organize your boxes by keeping fragile and non-fragile items separetly. Keep the boxes containing essential items clearly labeled and on hand. You can also label each box with the specific location or room you want it delivered to. If you want to hide your valuables in some innocuously labeled box, make sure you remember which one.

3. Work with your movers
Be present for the movers, both while loading and unloading. Cross-check the movers’ inventory with your own list. Check the moving company’s license, and make sure you give them the right address for delivery. A good moving company will help you as much as you let them. So make their work more efficient by giving them clear directions and making sure you are accessible to them by cell phone.

4. Last-minute checks
Make sure that all supplies and switches are turned off, the windows and doors shut, and that you have all the important documents pertaining to your move.

5. Ready the other side
Reserve a parking space as close as possible to your new entrance. If you need to pick up keys, give yourself time to do that. Have plastic sheets ready to protect the floor from any damage from furniture or boots.

6. Be Prepared
This is one of those things that anyone who’s “been there” will tell you. But how exactly should you go about it? Let me suggest a little technique I like to call “negative visualization”. It is best to do this together with other adults who may be moving with you (spouse, parents, friends). That way you can keep it fun and cover more ground.

Here is how you do it: the day before your move, sit down with a sheet of paper. Now imagine moving day, from start to finish. Picture all the possible things that can go wrong in this scenario. Is it raining? Did you find a whole bottom drawer still in need of packing? Make notes of those possibilities and prepare for them: get more boxes; arrange shrink wrap for rain, etc.

It sounds a little quirky, but it works because most of us imagine worst-case scenarios all the time anyway. The only difference is that we usually relegate such thoughts to the back of our minds, where they turn into vague anxieties and lead to stress. By dealing with them properly you will considerably decrease your chances of running into ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Preparing in this way will ensure that you wake up on moving day with a feeling of control. And it will go a long way in eliminating stress from your whole day, not just for you but for everyone around you.

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Sydney Welkinson reviews LA Pro movers writes and provides moving tips for la movers.