Moved at Last

Well, the move is now complete and the we’ve arrived in Tucson. Mistakes were made and lessons learned, but more importantly we had good, experienced movers to help us.

A few interesting events occurred during this move. things did happen during this move. First, the movers were on time and fast. They moved us from Orange, CA to Tucson, AZ in 48 hours. That included the packing, loading of the truck, and the unloading at the new residence (this was a fully furnished 5 bedroom home). The packers showed up and wrapped EVERYTHING in a protective plastic coating. They disassembled many of our furnishings and had the truck loaded within hours of arriving. Contents loaded, they embarked on the long journey with all of our worldly possessions safely packed away. We left shortly after.

The movers had mentioned they would be arriving in Tucson at 8:30 AM PST. They arrived within 5 minutes of this time and after a 10 minute break, they quickly unloaded the truck. Within a few hours, they had re-assembled the furniture and placed our boxes in our home. They were gone before lunch.

While they were there, we found that the refrigerator would not fit through any of the conventional entry ways into the kitchen. The 2 guys moving the refrigerator found a way to lift the refrigerator over a large window that faced the living room from the kitchen. It was amazing to witness. These guys were pros.

We did encounter a few problems:

We purchased a gas dryer for the new home. Unfortunately, the new home only had electric hookups. Of course, we asked our “realtor” prior to making the trip and she didn’t have the answer of the motivation to find out. Apparently, electric dryers are all the rage on Tucson and gas dryers are in the minority.

Despite having help, the move was still exhausting and we are still in recovery mode. My wife was a champion throughout this move and she is still doing the lion’s share of the work while I commute back and forth from California.

In any case, I’m not sure how difficult this move would have been without professional movers who knew what they were doing, but one thing is for sure – it wouldn’t have been pretty.