Los Angeles Moving Tips – How to Hire the Right Moving Service

Moving to Los Angeles (LA) is a dream many people cherish, but not everyone can fulfill this desire. You should feel lucky to get this opportunity to become a part of this happening city. But in order to survive here, you will have to adapt to the idiosyncrasy of the city, and this Los Angeles moving tips guide will help you in that. It also teaches you how to find a right Los Angeles moving service.

Los Angeles moving tips

  • Make yourself familiar with the surroundings (the city is divided into 10 neighborhoods), climate (it has Mediterranean climate), people (many live in their cars, and wears open-toed shoes in the winter), traffic situation (7-10 AM and 3-7PM are the busiest time of the day), etc., before you move in to the city.
  • Learn Spanish. Spanish is a major language here as the life here is heavily influenced by the Mexican culture. The packaged goods, trash cans, and even restaurant menus are bilingual here. Not only that, one-third of the radio stations plays Spanish music. Being bilingual with Spanish also helps in getting job in this part of the country.
  • If you are bringing your car in city which was not sold in California then you will have to pay more than $300 to the city as Smog impact fee. If you bought your ride in California then this charge will not be levied on you, as your car already follows the California emission guidelines.
  • Keep a Thomas Guide handy. It doesn’t matter if you have GPS or not, this one is must for making your way through the city.
  • Do not move nonessential items with you. They will be more of a hassle then convenience.

How to hire a Los Angeles moving service

If you were jittery about moving to Los Angeles then you must have gathered confidence after reading the moving tips I wrote above. Now, it is time to remove the anxiety related to finding a good moving service.

  • Make a list of movers available in the week you have planned to move.
  • Call each one of them and ask for their rates.
  • Strike out those who are out of your budget.
  • Prepare a new list comprising of the LA Pro movers who is willing to serve you in the chosen week and within your budget.
  • Run a background check to see the past record of the mover. Is the record clean or has the company got lots of bad reviews because of the bad moving experience it gave to its past clients.
  • To avoid any fraudulent LA mover, make sure to verify the company’s legal status, and whether it has required permits to move people in and out of the city.
  • Conduct a reputation search of the company you want to use for moving to Los Angeles.
  • Ask if the truck has GPS attached to it for tracking or not. Also ask if the driver knows the route.
  • Ask the mover about the insurance coverage of the goods, in case it gets damaged.
  • Can the service provider be sued in the Californian court of law? You do not want to do that, but if things go wrong, you may have to do that.

If you follow the suggestions given above, moving to Los Angeles will be fun, which may not be so, if you decide to overlook the advice.