LA Pro movers and Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city of dreams, aspiration, perspiration, failure, and success. It is the largest city in California, and the second largest city in the United States. It spans over 498.3 square miles and is home for around 4 million people.

Depending upon what you think, living in such a place can be luxury or a drag, and if you are newly shifted resident then it also depends upon how you have been shifted to this city. If your Los Angeles moving services made the shifting to the city effortless then the city may looks more beautiful, but if the LA movers you chose just sucked money and broke your stuffs then this bad experience of the city will sour your experience for a initial few days. This is plain-Jane human psychology therefore you should be extra careful when choosing a moving service.

How to choose a Los Angeles mover

There are many Los Angeles moving services that do not have proper license, and do not give adequate guarantee for the stuffs that they move. You should look for the following things when finalizing any moving services provider.

LA movers checklist

  • Have you done sufficient research to find out the Los Angeles moving company?
  • Is the company you are hiring reliable enough?
  • For how long is the company in business?
  • Does it have all the required licenses to operate in LA and in the state from where you are moving?
  • How much insurance coverage does it offer?
  • Do the fleet have GPS device installed for anytime tracking.
  • Can they give some reference?

Benefit of moving to the City of Angels

If you are the kind who believe in living his life to the fullest then The City of Angel is not going to disappoint you. As said above, LA is the city of dream, and life here is luxurious. The life in the city is very much governed by Hollywood. The presence of Hollywood has deemed the city as the entertainment capital of the world. Apart from Hollywood, for which it is commonly known, the city is also home to business, culture, entertainment, media, international trade, science, technology, fashion, and education.

LA neighborhood

LA is a big city sprawling across 498.3 miles. The city has been divided into several neighborhoods. Some of them are quite plush while others are reasonably priced. The city is divided into following neighborhoods: Hollywood, Downtown, Harbor Area, The Eastside, Northeast, South (referred as South Central by locals), the Westside, San Fernando, Crescenta Valleys, and Wilshire.


Los Angeles Unified School District manages most of the schools in the city with a total student capacity of around 100,000. It’s the largest public school system in California.

Colleges and university

If you are shifting to LA, you also need to know about the colleges and the universities in the neighborhood. There are three public universities in the city. Those are Los Angeles Campus of: University of California (UCLA), California State University (CSULA), and California State University, Northridge (CSUN). And there are around 20-30 private and community owned colleges which include Alliant International University, American Film Institute Conservatory, American InterContinental University, etc.

Caveats against shifting

Before you use your Los Angeles moving services to shift your home to the city, you should know that the city is susceptible to earthquakes because it is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Around 10,000 earthquakes are produced every year due to the fault lines above and below the ground caused by geological instability.


Keep the things discussed above in mind while moving to LA, and also verify the LA movers against the Los Angeles moving services checklist discussed above. This will give you a peaceful mind while moving to this city, The City of Angels.