7 Tips For Hiring LA Pro movers

Los Angeles is a great place to live in. The city offers everything that a person can ask for a better life: good homes, well-paying jobs, exciting nightlife, exotic cuisines, and exhilarating entertainment. This is the reason why so many people are moving to Los Angeles, which means mushrooming of LA Pro movers and paradox of choices.

On the face of it, all LA movers look good, but when inspected closely, the real picture comes out: not all the LA Pro movers are cut to be the same; some are good while others are not. My goal is to help you find a better LA moving service provider, and for that I am going to share seven secrets of hiring a good LA mover.

About LA Neighborhood

LA is a big city, which has its arms wide open spread in 498.3 miles area. It welcomes everyone that comes in the city to embrace it. The city is divided in several neighborhoods, of which some are reasonably priced, while, others are quite posh. Harbor Area, The Eastside, the Westside, Northeast, South (referred as South Central by locals), Downtown, Crescenta Valleys, San Fernando, Wilshire, and Hollywood are different parts of the city representing different hues of the rich fabric of the city.

It has 3 world-class public universities – California State University, Northridge (CSUN), (California State University (CSULA), and University of California (UCLA) – and 20-30 community owned colleges. This is a wonderful place to live in. life here is always fun, but there is one downside to this happening city. It is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which cause around 10,000 earthquakes every year. If you are not discouraged by this then read the following tips and follow them religiously when you go out shopping for a moving company in Los Angeles.

7 tip for hiring LA Pro movers

  1. Make sure that the driver and relocation crew sent by the moving company is aware of the Los Angeles neighborhood and its traffic laws. It is a big city; it has a total area of 498.3 square miles which is divided into 10 neighborhoods. An extensive knowledge of this city is important to avoid moving hiccups.
  2. The city is full of fraudulent movers; therefore, before hiring a moving company, you need to check the required documents and permits to insure the safe arrival of all your belongings in the city. It will also tell you if the moving company has permission to relocate you to LA or not.
  3. Make sure your stuffs are sent using a truck that has GPS connected to it. This will help you in tracking the location of the vehicle, and it will help the driver in pinpointing the location the truck has to go. It is necessary because Angelenos (resident of Los Angeles) are not very famous for stopping to tell direction.
  4. Seeking recommendation from friends or friends of friends living in Los Angeles on this particular issue is as valuable as recommendations on which movie to watch, or which book to read. People living in Los Angeles will any day have better idea about the local moving services than people living outside of LA.
  5. Do not depend upon just one mover. Prepare a contingency plan, and keep 2 or 3 LA movers in loop; things may go wrong at the eleventh hour.
  6. Ask for the insurance coverage in case anything gets broken. Go with the one that offers maximum coverage at minimum effort, in case of damage.
  7. Check if the crew member knows Spanish or not. More often than not, they will bump into Spanish speaking individuals in the city; even most of the printed materials and signboards are written in Spanish, in fact they are bilingual. The knowledge will help them reach your new place.

If you are moving to Los Angeles then you should know that the timing here is very important; when your stuffs will reach your new place will depend upon when it enters the city. Any vehicle hitting the city road during rush hours (7 to 10 AM & 3 to 7 PM) is bound get delayed. You should discuss this and similar issues with all the LA Pro movers you have shortlisted before you hire any of them.